What Is Hip Hop Appreciation Week?

During this year’s Hip Hop Appreciation Week (May 15th to May 21st 2017), serious Hip Hop scholars, artists and pioneers are advised to consider themselves not just as Hip Hop historians, but more deeply, as Hip Hop itself. “We are not just doing Hip Hop; we are Hip Hop”. Every act of every serious DJ, emcee, graffiti writer, b-boy or b-girl, etc., is literally part of Hip Hop’s actual history. Nothing and no one else creates Hip Hop’s actual history except us. Our collective action as DJs, emcees, graffiti writers, breakers, beat boxers, etc., is Hip Hop’s actual history. If you are Hip Hop for real, then all that you do, say and become (or not become) is indeed Hip Hop’s real history.

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Hip Hop Appreciation Week
Keep Up with the latest news about who is appearing and all the different events going on in Minneapolis for Hip Hop Appreciation Week