Hip Hop Appreciation Week

Hip Hop Appreciation Week


Minneapolis, MN - May 19th - May 25th 2019

A U.S. Hip Hop Coalition Event

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Hip Hop Appreciation Week is the coming together of the whole Hip Hop World around the nation meet to share Hip Hop knowledge, culture ,experience and everything Hip Hop.

The Temple Of Hip Hop, The U.S. Hip Coalition, Vigilant Promotions, TBHWebTech, The Corvus Humphries Foundation, Grind Time Now, The State Of Minnesota Proclamation, The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, The R.A.G.E. Team, Minneapolis Public Schools, The Minneapolis Blueprint: For Preventing Youth Violence, The Chicago Remembrance Registry, Inner City For A Better Life, and so many more! Including contributions and appearances by many artists and the Giants of Hip Hop. Reserve your space, get your ticket now.. no true HipHoppa can afford to miss this!

Hip Hop Appreciation Week
U. S. Hip Hop Coalition


425 Portland Avenue S.
Minneapolis, MN 55488

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Hip Hop Appreciation Week
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